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Meet Nora

Entrepreneur, Author,  and Inspirational Speaker

Nora was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts along with her three younger sisters. Nora and her husband, Neil, presently live outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Together they have six adult children, twelve grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.


During her early adolescent years, Nora experienced some life-changing truths that were revealed by a teacher who saw something in her that no one else could see. The impact that was made on her life so many years ago resulted in her having a burning desire to inspire, educate and empower women to raise their level of consciousness to know that they have the power to be great. She also believes that one of God's greatest gifts in life is to share the blessings that the Lord has given you.


For 18 years, Nora was a practicing Muslim in the Islamic religion, trying to find out who God really was. God knew about her feelings of emptiness. Little did she know that God's plan for her life did not include the Islamic faith. The seed of Christianity was planted in her life by her grandmother, Nora Dunn. God reunited that seed over twenty-seven years ago when she joined Mary Kay. The seed was watered by another beauty consultant who asked Nora to help her conduct a skin care class for a women's fellowship day at New Mt. Temple Tabernacle Church in Durham, North Carolina.


According to Nora's plan, she was going to build her business with new customers and, of course, make some money. As class got underway, she happened to do a facial on the pastor of the church, who in turn invited her to church for their Sunday service. Nora attended church for three consecutive Sundays and on the fourth Sunday, the Lord spoke to her heart and she rededicated her life to Christ. Her life has not been the same since. Today, she is proud to say that she is a fiery, faith walking Christian.


In her distinguished twenty-seven-year career with Mary Kay, Nora achieved the title of Senior National Sales Director, one of the highest levels of Mary Kay.


Nora accepted her call from God to become a Christian inspirational speaker, positively impacting the lives of all those she has the privilege to touch. She is a woman with a serious mission who believes that if she meets people's true needs with total sincerity and commitment to serve, as God has called her to do, her work will not be in vain.

Your life has been designed with greatness in mind

Dr. Nora Shariff-Borden

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