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Unlock the power of words, ignite hearts, and leave a lasting impact. As an inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Nora Shariff-Borden knows the true potential that lies within each story. With our comprehensive publishing services, we are dedicated to helping you bring your words to life, captivate readers, and make your mark on the world.

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My name is Nora Shariff-Borden

I am passionate about writing; it liberates me. it reminds me of a time when a fashion designer friends called and asked me to write and article for a fashion magazine in Boston. I wrote the article, and after reading it, the editor told me I could not write and that I would never be a successful writer. I believed that lie for so long until God breathed a word into me and spoke, "Write!"


Just imagine if I had allowed that editor's voice to stop me from writing. Instead of letting someone else's word's control me, they inspired me to write. I am passionate about helping others start writing, letting them know that we all have a story that needs to be told.

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Why Choose Us?

Experience that Shines:

With 24 years of experience in the publishing industry, Nora Shariff-Borden understands the nuances of creating exceptional books that resonate with readers. Her keen eye for detail, combined with a passion for storytelling, ensures that your manuscript will receive the professional attention it deserves.

Personalized Guidance:

We believe that every author has a unique voice, and our publishing services are tailored to bring out the best in your work. Nora Shariff-Borden will work closely with you, providing personalized guidance throughout the entire publishing process, from refining your manuscript to designing a captivating book cover.

Unleash Your Potential:

Whether you are a seasoned author or a first-time writer, we are here to support you in unleashing your full potential. Nora Shariff-Borden's inspirational speaking background allows her to infuse your words with a profound sense of purpose.

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